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Hello :) dA is where I share collaborative art and find most of my collaborators, especially for EC. I'm not here much right now, so you might want to find me in one of these places;

My current project is 'Cryptic Cards' -…
I'm currently a visiting artist in Uop Brain Tumour Research lab -…
My home page -
Illustration and print-to-order products can be found at -…
I blog at imaginingscienceart.blogspot.c…
I'm also at @DrImmySmith on twitter

I’m an artist and former neuroscientist. The oddest things in nature and the curious intricacy of biological processes inspire me to make art. I'm interested in the overlapping places between scientific ideas, biological images, personal mythology and surreal art. In my imagination weird cells and strange creatures come out to play... the subconscious can be a busy place, so I try to accommodate all the deep-sea-neuronal-carnivorous fungi-plankton-plants that grow in it.
Oh and I like to make jokes about marmots every time someone gets too serious...


My Favourite Things
An Exquisite Corpse with Keneru92 (Italy) - I sent him the top half covered except for a small strip, from which he completed the bottom half :D

Thanks for being so patient Keneru92 (this took me a long time to be happy with a half to send)! Go check out :iconkeneru92: and show him some :dalove:
The finished Cryptic Cards :D
Hi there dA friends. Crikey, it's been ages since I was here :B Here's what's been keeping me busy since I was last here - the Cryptic Cards! I hand painted every card face design, and the whole saga is a bit tl;dr, but they're finally finished :D You can get them at

This was my first playing card project. I plan to design a deck every even year (so next one in 2018). I remember seeing other artists who do particular projects every odd or even year, and it seems like a good way to enjoy projects that take a long time, and not get bored with doing the same thing all the time ^_^
Connecting Narratives
My exhibition at Aspex Gallery with the Portsmouth Brain Tumour Research Centre, for our Leverhulme-funded 'Connecting Narratives' interdisciplinary residency has been extended! :D The exhibition features sciart you can move around and draw over :) More details at…
Last Time (Twice)
Anyone on the South coast of the UK can see my 'Transitional Objects' project on exhibit at Strong Island, Highlands Rd, Southsea, until the 30th April 2016 :)
Happy spring y'all! I hope you're all well.  I don't spend much of my day at a computer anymore, so apols for my absence, and you can keep up with me more frequently if you like via Twitter where my handle is @ DrImmySmith. I can work twitter on my phone but not dA... I'm such a luddite :XD:

I recently won a 10 month residency and so now I work as a resident artist in a brain tumour reserch lab. The project aims to connect the stories of brain tumour researchers and patients through art. You can fin out more about that here -… and I promise I will update my dA gallery when I get a mo. Special thanks are due to my collaborator ScottMan2th who has been a part of the journey that lead me to this residency :D

Its an amazing residency, but super-busy. I'm looking forward to some R&R over easter so I can catch up with my Exquisite corpses with LuckyRossMartin and Keneru92 some more. I'm slow but I get there in the end ;)

I'm missing all my dA friends and collaborators, who've supported me through my PhD and beyond, and shared so much fun - y'all know who you are. Especially all the Exquisite Corpser's, and chriseastmids, ArtByCher, SalHunter, aruarian-dancer, Bernardumaine, MBKKR, TazPoltorak, TRANSMICHION... aaaaarg there's too many people I miss! I hope we can connect through other networks, I'll try and get my rear in gear on dA when I can. Hugs to y'all xxx



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